Hicka is doing some gymnastic in the kitchen.


Opera and Ariel sunbathing!


Jenny och Opera on a stake out!


Teddy, Glowing


Hicka and Anna racing...


...both ways


Flora, 10 years, eating grass.


Can I sit here?


Bodils Granne Köksgosse is enjoying retirement.


AMCH WW-08 Firecreek Free Runner in July 2008 (Photo:Ann Kilsund)


It's nice with friends even if it gets a bit crowded sometimes.


Glowing Finnair with his new friend Evert at kennel Active Lad in Norway.

Photo: Bård Jensen


Vielfrass Olympia "Silja" relaxing in the garden


Silja helps unpacking the bag after arriving from Finland.


Vincent sunbathing


Flora takes a nap


Flora and Vincent playing


Vincent tries to play with Ariel


Glowing Stand Pat


Glowing setters & terriers


Glowing Local Spring

Typical view at kennel Glowing
Bodils Granne Köksgosse  
Ch Bodils Ludvig Van B
Glowing and Newmaidley foxterriers having fun!
Glowing Wolfgang, 10 weeks
Photos: Bl a Karin Lindh