Pompe, Glowing Tea Pot

Photo: Dan Zerick

Jolly on the cage. Jolly is Walshaw A Jolly Good Party and is a litterbrother to our Tilly.

Owner is Jackie Zerick, Florida, USA.



Åsa (Gildas Blue Curiosa of Suntop), Ariel (Glowing  By Air) and Tilly (Walshaw Teaparty)


Glowing setters & terriers


Kopia (Foxterrier) & Pekoe (Engelsk setter)

"Tilly's Teaparty" at kennel Glowing 2004
Daisy & Krokus
(Suntop Freckled Trush & Glowing Bluestone)
Glowing-settrar in Finland
Suntop Freckled Trush Sussi & Jonna
Suntop Sunbeam Glowing Blue Peter
Photos: C. Bäckman, S. Larsson, W. Dufwa, K. Boman