AM CH Firecreek Free Runner & NORDJW-07 Sunlyn Son Of A Gun, July 2008

Photo: Krister Ohlander

30/12 Greetings from the now retired Gosse (Bodils Granne Köksgosse). It's obvious that he's enjoying his life with Satu Seise.
  We wish you a Happy New Year!
09/12 Glowing California, the bitchpuppy that stayed at the kennel from our latest litter is now 5 months. Her own page is coming soon.
23/11 SUCH Glowing In The Wind have puppies by Amch Such WW-08 Firecreek Free Runner. One bitch and one male. See more at the puppypage.  

Växjö international, judge Elsbeth Clerc, Schwitzerland. Amch WW-08 Firecreek Free Runner was BOB with CC and cacib and got his championtitle. Vielfras Olympia won her 2nd CC with cacib and was BOS.


Amch WW-08 Firecreek Free Runner has today mated Swe Norw Sh Ch NW-07 Lamara´s Rite On Line. Info about the litter at kennel Lamara.


We got a greeting from Finland today, Nils (Glowing Nevada) has now settled in his new country, with his new owners, Johanna Sjöberg and Satu Mulari Karvonen.



Glowing Nevada in Finland


We had a visitor today. Elvis, Glowing Arizona, now 12 weeks. Elvis is owned by Kia och Gunnar Nyström.


Amch ww-08 Firecreek Free Runner wins his 5th CC, 3rd Cacib and 4th BOB at KC show in Högbo. Judge was Viv Soleckyj Szpunar, from Poland.

03/09 Presenting Glowing California at playtime! She's the one who stays att the kennel from our latest litter. Watch out for her own page soon.
11/08 Det är full rulle på kenneln för tillfället. Här har några av foxterriervalparna roligt! Det finns 6-veckorsbilder på hela kullen på valpsidan.


We said goodbye to our old borderterrierlady Rabalder Av Guld today. Gullan was almost 13 years old. She was bred by Anna-Karin Bergh,
Gullans duty here at home was to keep the pack in order and to raise all the small, new ones born here at the kennel. That was Gullans mission in life.


We have been at the Worldwinner shows with AmCh Firecreek Free Runner. James has, on three shows, won 1 BOB, 2 CC's, 1 ReservCC, 1 Cacib and 1 World Winner title.
02/07 James won CC and BOB under breedspecialist Carola Möhrke from Germany, kennel v.d Bismarckquelle, at the Worldwinner Terrier Speciality.
04/07 James won reserv-cc at the Breedspeciality show under Roger Wright from England. At the same show, Sunlyn Son Of A Gun won the CC.
05/07 At the World Show, James was best dog with CC and cacib. Judge was Monique van Brempt from Belgium.




Sunlyn Son Of A Gun has been in Pernu, Estonia and won CC, cacib, BOB  och vunnit cert, cacib, BIR och BIG-2. Alltihop under Harri Lehkkonen, Finland.


Early morning we got foxterrierpuppies, four males and one bitch. Three males are available. The litter is a result of "new" american lines in combination with english and nordic lines behind the dam. This is the 6th generation of puppies at the kennel. See more about the litter on the puppypage.

15/06 AmCh Firecreek Free Runner wins BOB, cc and cacib at Swe. KK/Avesta, under judge breedspecialist Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland. James was also BIG-4, judge Horst Kliebenstein, Germany.


AmCh Firecreek Free Runner making his debut in the swedish showrings by winning cc, BOB at DaTek under judge Ulla Lehtenström.
04/05 Sunlyn Son Of A Gun going BOB with CC and is also awarded BIS-youngster and BIS-4, at Terrier club show in Forshaga. Judges was Alberto Velasco, Spain and Carlos Fernandez, Spain.
  Photo: Molli Nyman
03/05 Sunlyn Son of A Gun is 2nd best male and BIS-3 youngster at Terrier club show. Judges was Juha Palosaari, Finland and Ingela Nilsson, Sweden. 

Am Ch Firecreek Free Runner has mated Swe Ch Glowing By Air. Puppies expected in the end of June. See more on the puppypage.

13/04 Sunlyn Son Of A Gun has mated Ch Texforrier She´s All That. Owner kennel Texforrier


Smooth foxterrier

has arrived from USA.

See his own page.

01/02 Our site is now available in english. Welcome!