Glowing Opera Mints, SE uch SE-V-11, now also FI uch, after a succesful trip to Åland/Finland. CC, cacib, champion title and BOB. Judge was Matti Luoso, Finland.

SE-V-11 Glowing Opera Mints wins her 3rd CC and is SE uch at ÖsTeKs show in Högbo. Judge was Hans Rosenberg, Sweden.




Photo: Sara Sandefors

usch seuch ww-08 sev-10 Firecreek Free Runner har erövrat ytterligare en vinnartitel, sev-11 samt cacib och BIR i Norrköping idag. Glowing Opera Mints vann sitt andra cert, cacib, sev-11 och BIM. Domere var Martin Croeser från Syd Afrika.
  usch seuch ww-08 sev-10 se v-11 Firecreek Free Runner
  Glowing Opera Mints
  Glowing Opera Mints in action.
  Photos above: Sofie Vega Wollbraaten


Today we said our last farewell to Ch Glowing Pat On The Roof. She was 14 years old. Owner was Louise Welin.

21/08 Glowing California gets her championtitle, winning BOS with cacib at SKC Eskilstuna. Judge was Per Iversen from Norway.


BOB USCH Such Lil´Itch Send In The Clown and BOS Such Glowing California.


Photo by AK Bergh.


Glowing Opera Mints wins her first CC at her debut in official class. She was also BOS at SKC Int. show in Askersund. Judge Liselott Johansson, Sweden.



Glowing Opera Mints can...





...both stand...



...and move!



And invite to a little dance with the borderterrierfriend Mimmi!


Photos above by Camilla Venerot.


A summergreeting from the friends at Hovgården. Börne, Berry (Glowing Berry Bite), Mynta (Wolfheart Catnip) and Häxa (Lymmel's Hon e Häxa) wishing all a nice summer. Photo Ann Jönsson.





Today James mated Wendron Govia. Info about the litter, see kennel Wendron.


13/06 Amch SEch WW-08 Firecreek Free Runner is SE W-10, and wins cacib and BOS in Avesta under judge Kurt Nilsson.

Amch, SEch WW-07 Firecreek Free Runners son, Lymmels Han-E-Ball winning his 2nd CC and BOB, BIG, BIS-5 at SKC in Vännäs. James has now got 4 CC-winning offspring, all of them with two CC's each.


Glowing Faith winning her 2nd CC , cacib and BOS at SKC Int. in Norrköping. Judge was Milivoje Urosevic, Serbia.


Glowing Faith made her debut in official class and winning CC and BOB at ÖsTeks show in Eskilstuna. Judge was Susan Kealy from Ireland.


Results from breed special show in Gränna. Judge was Molli Nyman from Finland. Ch Firecreek Free Runner was 2nd best dog and also BIS with his progenygroup. Glowing Opera Mints was BIS-2 puppy and Glowing California BIS-2 youngster. Our kennel also won BIS-breedergroup.

Ch Firecreek Free Runner Glowing Opera Mints

Photos above: Torild Smith-Olsen

25/04 Glowing California wins her 2nd CC and BOS in Västerås under judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg.


Glowing California



BOB CH Bodils Daimond och BOS Glowing California


Photo: Roosa Viitaniemi


Glowing California wins CC, cacib and BOS at Stockholms internationella show in Älvsjö. Judge was Evgeny Rozenberg from Russia.



A greeting from Glowing Milky Way, Tosca, and her owner Elisabeth Sundell. On the photo tohether with Vidar and Alice at home in Boda. Tosca has ben to a puppyshow today in Rättvik and was BOB and BIG-3.


Glowing Opera Mints first time out in puppyclass at ÖsTeKs show in Sollentuna, 5½ months old. The result, Best In Show of all puppies. Judges were Petter Fodstad, Ann Rodhe and Bengt Nilsson.



Glowing Opera Mints

07/01 Today we sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved English setter Åsa. Gildas Blue Curiosa, bred by Lena Stenius. Åsa was the last one among all wodnerful english setters who's been living here at the kennel for 31 years. Thanks for many wonderful years!


(Foto Johanna Vidgren)